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How to update the credit card on file?
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To update your credit card, follow these instructions:
1. Login to your user control panel.
2. Click the "Update Payment Options" link.
3. If you want to add a credit card instead of updating the one already on file, click "Add New Card". After entering the information, it should show up as another payment option in the list.
4. Click the "Make Primary" link to make the updated card the primary source of payment for account renewal. Note that the cards previously designated as primary cannot be deleted until the new credit card has been billed for the first time.
5a. If the account is active, you can log out of the web control panel and continue using the service as usual.

5b. If the account is inactive, go back to Account Home and click on 'Make a Credit Card Payment'.

5c. If the account is on hold, please email support for assistance. For security purposes, please include your Customer ID number or the username and email address associated with the account. This information enables us to verify that the request is coming from the account holder.

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