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Benefits and Uses
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What are the benefits of Global Search 2.0?
The benefits of Global Search 2.0 include:
  1. A subject search based on keywords can be performed for all article sets in the binary newsgroups spanning UsenetServer's full retention, and results can be filtered by specific poster names and/or newsgroups.
  2. Individual posts are collapsed into one single result for each article set that makes up the entirety of a post by a poster(s).
  3. Global Search 2.0 allows us to service many more queries faster. This results in a lesser strain on the hardware and much faster search results.


Are there any additional notes I should be aware of while using Global Search 2.0?
Additional usage notes include:
  1. All form fields except for 'groups' are case-insensitive.
  2. Sort options are limited to: Size, Subject, Age, & Poster.
  3. Sets of articles are already collapsed into a single search result for a post.
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