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What does "Any Keyword" mean?
The default search will only give you results that match all of your search terms. If you check the "Any Keyword" checkbox, each search result will match any ONE of your Keywords. Searching for A B using this option results in a search for A OR B.

What does "Use Stemmed Keywords" mean?
Keyword Stemming is the breaking down of search terms into their root word. Searching the subject for "running" will give you results for "run", "runs", "running", "run's" etc.

How do the "From" and "To" options work? (a.k.a. setting the age range)
Setting the "From:" and "To:" options tells Global Search where to search in UsenetServer's article retention. The "From:" option is the start date and the "To:" option is the end date. An example would be to search "From:" 10 days ago "To:" Now.

What does "Save As Default Settings" do?
You can save your search preferences such as the search "From:" and "To:" article retention setting and the number of "Results Per Page" to be shown for every search performed by checking the "Save as Default Settings" checkbox.
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