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Server and Ports
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What servers and ports can I use with my newsreader?

You may connect to our service using the NNTP server on the following ports, depending on how you would like to connect...

Security Available Ports
Unencrypted 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 and 9000
SSL 563, 443 or 8080



* The address is NOT a web address; it will not work in a web browser. It is meant to be typed into the settings of your newsreader.
* These settings are for NNTP/Usenet; they do not have anything to do with our VPN addon.
* Unencrypted ports often will give you increased speed; however, communication will be in plaintext.

Other Server Options:

Usenetserver has some alternative server options that might help in troubleshooting. You are free to experiment with these to try to get better connectivity. The same ports above will apply to these servers...




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