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How to Download with NZBGet
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NZBGet is able to work with a number of different methods to add files into the download queue, please note the list below may not be exhaustive. 

Adding NZB files

NZB files can be added directly in several ways:

  1. Local Files - If you have downloaded an NZB file directly to your device you can select the file path and add it to NZBGet manually. 

    1. Click on the “+Add” button.

    2. Click on “Select Files” 

    3. Navigate to the folder that the NZB file resides in and select it. 

    4. Once the NZB file has been selected click on “Submit” and your download will begin.  

  2. From a URL - If you have a URL for an NZB file you can add that URL and NZBGet will be able to add it to the queue directly. 

    1. Click on the “+Add” button.

    2. Click into the “Add from URL” field.  

    3. Enter the URL of the NZB file. 

    4. Once the file’s path has been entered click on “Submit” and your download will begin.  

  3. From an NZB directory - If you have an automated process that downloads NZBs into a specific folder you can set NZBGet to watch this folder and automatically download any new NZB that is added to it. It will do this process automatically, but if you recently added a file and want to prompt the folder scan use the following method. 

    1. Click on the “+Add” button.

    2. Click on the “Scan incoming directory” button next to the text “ Add from NzbDir”

    3. NZBGet will automatically scan the folder and any new NZB files will be added to the queue

  4. Setting up the NZB Watch Directory

    1. To be able to use the method listed above you first will need to set up your NzbDir setting. This allows you to define the location that will be automatically scanned for NZB files. 

    2. To begin, click on the settings tab on the far right side at the top of the screen. 

    3. Then select the “Paths” option on the left-hand side menu.

    4. Inside the Paths settings, navigate to the NzbDir setting area. Select your default watch folder and click on the “Save all changes” button.

Merging NZB files

If you want to manage multiple downloads within a single queue, you are able to merge multiple queues into a single one.
In the main NZBGet area select the queues you want to merge and click the “Merge” button at the top. This will combine the downloads into a single queue.

Your downloads will continue as normal and they will be downloaded into their individual folders inside your downloads folder.

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