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NZBGet on Windows (Advanced)
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This article presumes an existing Windows installation of NZBGet. If you have not installed NZBGet yet, please review our basic NZBGet installation guide, then return here. 


Advanced Windows Setup Options:

NZBGet is more than a simple newsreader application. It can be expanded upon and modified through the use of Python scripts or by running NZBGet as a service. The directions below will help you with these more advanced features. 

Starting the Windows Service

NZBGet can work as a service or process. To install the service, start the batch file nzbget-command-shell.bat (as administrator!), then type the command

Format the below as code

nzbget -install


To start or stop the service, use windows management console or a command line:


Format the below as code

net start NZBGet


net stop NZBGet


To remove (uninstall) the service:


Format the below as code

nzbget -remove


Post-processing scripts

NZBGet can additionally be expanded upon via scripts. Most of these scripts require Python, which can be downloaded from We highly suggest running Python version 2.x as opposed to version 3.x, as all post-processing scripts work with python 2.x, but most will fail on Python version 3.x.

Script Placement 

Once downloaded, place the Python scripts into the ppscripts-folder (option ScriptDir). Once installed correctly, they will appear in the web-interface section of NZBGet.

Restoring configuration

You can reuse a configuration file from another NZBGet installation if you want. Review the NZBGet : Backup And Restore Settings page to view this process. 


NZBGet version 15 and beyond supports automatic updates via the web-interface. To view these settings, navigate to: Settings -> SYSTEM -> Check for updates.

In the event that the automatic update doesn’t function properly, updates can be made manually by directly downloading and installing of a newer version over the existing NZBGet installation via the following process:

  1. Download a newer version of NZBGet;

  2. Stop your NZBGet program or instance if it’s running;

  3. Install the setup over existing installation;

Once the newer version is installed, re-start NZBGet. After restart, go to the settings page and click “Save all changes”. The obsolete options from the older version of the app will automatically be removed from config file. 

Note: If you see messages like “Option xxx obsolete”, don’t panic; these messages are only to inform you about changes between NZBGet version. 

Compiling NZBGet Yourself

It is possible to compile NZBGet for Windows yourself; please note we suggest this only for more advanced NZBget users. 

NZBGet can be compiled using MS Visual C++ 2015 (you can use the free Community edition) or a newer version. The project file is provided in the NZBGet download.

Required Libraries

  1. You need one of the following libraries to compile NZBGet with TLS/SSL support:

    1. OpenSSL NOTE: Review your existing OpenSSL version, you may need to replace ssleay32MT.lib and libeay32MT.lib with libssl32MT.lib and libcrypto32MT.lib in project settings under Linker -> Input.

    2. As an alternative to OpenSSL, you could use GnuTLS.

  2. For gzip support, please add zlib.

  3. For regex support, please add Regex for Windows.

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