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NZBGet on macOS
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Installing NZBGet on Mac OS is a straightforward process, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, download the NZBGet app from its download page.

  2. Unzip the downloaded NZBGet app if your browser did not do so automatically.

  3. Launch the

    1. Note: you will need to find the launcher through the Mac OS Finder window as opposed to clicking directly on the application in the dock. 

    2. Open your Downloads folder and right-click on the application to launch it. 

    3. You will see an alert about it being from an unsigned developer. To continue click Open

  4. Upon launch, you will be presented with the option to move it to your Applications folder. Select your preferred option and continue. 


  1. In the web-interface, click on the settings tab (found on the top middle of the page) 

  2. Click on “news-servers” in the left hand side menu

  3. Set these following settings:

    1. Active: Yes

    2. Name:

    3. Level: 0

    4. Optional: No

    5. Group: 0

    6. Host:

    7. Port: Select one of the following: 

      1. 563, 443 or 8080 for SSL.

      2. 20, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 7000, 8000 or 9000 for unencrypted. 

    8. Username: Your UsenetServer username

    9. Password: Your UsenetServer password

    10. Join Group: No

    11. Encryption: This setting depends on your port selection. If you selected a SSL port set to yes, if you selected a non-SSL port select no. 

    12. Cypher: Leave blank

    13. Connections: Enter the number of connections you have on your UsenetServer account. This may vary by account type, please check your welcome email or UsenetServer admin panel if you are unsure. 

    14. Retention: 0. UsenetServer has the highest available article retention and adds to it every day. You don’t need to artificially cap article retention on UNS like you may at other providers. 

    15. IPVersion: Auto

Adding Post-processing scripts

NZBGet is now configured with your UsenetServer account! Please remember that NZBGet is a customizable newsreader. Below you will find additional directions on adding additional post-processing scripts for more advanced setup of NZBGet. For further information on how to get the most out of your NZBGet experience, please review our tips and tricks article


Advanced Configuration

Adding Post-processing scripts

In the top OS taskbar menu, right click on the NZBGet icon; it looks like an arrow with 2 lines:  

Show in Finder -> Scripts. Finder will open up the scripts directory where NZBGet looks for post-processing scripts. Once this folder is open you can then place scripts into this directory.

Activating post-processing scripts

  1. Activate scripts you have added to the Scripts folder. Go back and refresh the NZBget web-browser; the new scripts should now be available for configuration and use in the web interface. 

  2. To activate them, click on the Settings tab again, and this time click on the “Extension Scripts” option in the left side menu. 

  3. Now in the Extension Scripts section, click on the “Choose” button on the top row. 

  4. This will open a dialogue where you can select individual scripts to activate or deactivate. Once you’ve completed your selections, click on apply, then click on “Save all changes” at the bottom left of the page. 

  5. Once you’ve updated your configuration, you will need to reload NZBGet. 

  6. Upon completion of the reload, your new scripts are ready to use!

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