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NZBGet on Android
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Please follow the steps below to install NZBGet on your Android device. 


  1. Download NZBGet installer app

  2. Install downloaded apk-file

    1. Please note this may require settings enabled that allow installation of apps from outside of the Google Play store.

  3. Launch the NZBGet app.

  4. Click Install Daemon.

  5. Click Latest Stable.

  6. The installer will download the most recent version of NZBGet and perform the installation. 

  7. Once successfully installed, you will see the message “NZBGet daemon has been successfully installed”.


  1. Launch NZBGet app 

  2. Select “Start daemon.” 

    1. You'll get confirmation about a successful start;

  3. Inside the NZBGet app, select Show web-interface

    1. Alternatively, open a web-browser to http://localhost:6789

  4. Close the NZBGet app. At this point, the daemon process remains running in the background.

  5. Begin using NZBGet via the web interface.


Advanced Setup

Post-processing scripts

Please note that post-processing on Android devices is a work in progress. As most scripts are written in Python, and unfortunately as there is no Python for Android, most scripts will not work. Some users have found success with bash scripts. To use bash scripts, you may need to install BusyBox from Play store for them to work, and you must configure option ScriptDir to the system partition.

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