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NZBGet on Chromebook
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Please note that this Chromebook installation guide is a work in progress and any use of it is at the user’s risk.


Preparing the Chromebook

Before you begin installing NZBGet, you will need to install Linux on the device. We suggest following the directions for this process here.  Once you have completed the installation of Linux on your Chromebook, proceed to the next step.

Installing the Linux version of NZBGet

With Linux installed, you can follow the Linux NZBGet installation instructions. Once complete, return to this page, as we will need to finish storage configuration options.

Configuring the USB port

As most Chromebooks have limited storage capacity on the device, we will be configuring a USB port for a connection to storage media. To allow your USB storage devices to be functional with the Linux file system, please follow the following steps:

  1. On your Chromebook: in "FIles": USB-drive -> right mouse click: share with Linux

  2. Inside the Linux terminal type “/mnt/chromeos/removable/USB Drive”

  3. Add this directory to the DestDir setting inside NZBget to activate direct writing from nzbget to the USB stick. This can be found in the Paths menu. 

  4. This may require a reboot to be detected. 

Once this is complete, your Chromebook should be a functional NZBGet device!

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