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How to Troubleshoot NZBGet Authentication Errors
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If you encounter authentication issues with NZBGet, please try the following:. 

Verify Your Login Credentials

Most login problems are related to inaccurate username and password combinations. Before changing NZBGet settings, we recommend that you first verify your UsenetServer username and password by logging into your admin area. Your NNTP username and password combination will be the same. 

If needed, update the username or password within NZBGet. Scroll to the bottom of the UsenetServer settings and click “Test Connection”. If you see the “Connection Successful”, message there is no need to go further. 

Removing a server and reinstalling it 

If you’ve verified your username and password are entered into NZBGet correctly and you’re still unable to connect, we suggest removing that server configuration and re-installing it. If the server configuration was corrupted, deleting it and re-creating it usually resolves the issue. 

Removing a server

To remove the server, please go the top of the page and select Settings > News-Servers.



There you see a button labeled "Delete Server" {insert number here}. Proceed to delete the server that is experiencing the issue (if you have multiple configured).


Reinstalling a server

Now with the server removed, go through the installation process.  You can do this by going to Settings > News-Servers again. Then, enter the server information provided. If you have another server already configured, please scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Add Another Server".


If you continue to experience issues with NZBGet please, contact our Support Team or refer to the NZBGet forums.

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